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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Toddler Update Blog Post: Liam's almost 2 year update...Time certainly does fly :)

Today's blog post will be an almost 2 year update on my son Liam.   He is almost 2 years old...he will be 2 in August. Time really does fly.  Liam is very small built.  I am very small built, so naturally he is going to be small.  I always have to tell people this because they just say he's too small, but if you look at can understand why.  He was only around 5 pounds when he was born.  He weights about 21 pounds now...he's about 32 inches tall.  He wears a size 6 toddler shoe...but he's still in 12 months outfits.  He's a very active little boy, loves to be around people especially his grandparents.  He knows a few words now.  He knows the words: thank you, please, out, off, in, eat, hug, kiss, puzzle, bed, cup, help, stink, stuck, nose..and a few other ones.  Now the words he can actually say are about half of those: he can say thank you, stink, stuck, momma, dadda, uh oh, oh, and oh wow...he can sign..please, eat, shhhh and help. He knows where his nose is, and where a hat goes.  He loves to solve things, and he will sit and figure something out if it's that important to him...he's like a scientist, or mathematician in the making lol.  He understands pretty much anything that you say or tell him...he understands that when you go down stairs you have to hang on the railings, even at play grounds...he just understands so much that it amazes me.  He loves to play...especially his cars, trucks and puzzles...they are his favorite things to play with.  When we go somewhere we have to make sure we have his cup and his blanket.  Liam is in speech therapy, but he's doing really well.  He's not quite 2 years old yet, so I want to make sure as his mother that he enjoys his toddler years because you can't get them back, plus watching him learn and grow at this age is amazing. He is understanding the conversation concept: when someone is talking, he knows that when they are done talking, he can now say something and he usually does, nothing we can understand but he understands the concept. lol  His personality is amazing, there isn't anything I would change about that.  He plays really well with other children older than him...even children younger or the same age as him.  He's at the stage where he's specific in what he wants. If you give him something and it's not what he wanted, he will give it back to you or push it away and show you what he wants.  I am learning that Liam is one of those children that in order for him to learn something he has to do it.  He doesn't want to sit still while you talk to him, he wants to actually help you and do it with you, or just do it himself...and I think that's fine...each child is different especially in how he learns and he just learns by doing it and figuring it out.  He normally likes to figure it out on his own and I encourage that because if he can figure it out, it shows me that he's willing to keep trying until it's mastered which is an awesome concept to learn.  He is an outdoor country kid all the way...he loves to run...and if there is an open field and it's nice out, he wants to be outside so I can't argue with that.  That might change as he gets older but for now I'm not going to complain.  I think that being outdoors is a great way to learn things...I teach him what grass is, what a stick is, what dirt is, what a flower is, which he loves to pick the heads off the dandelions.  For my first child, he is amazing and I wouldn't ask anything different.  I'm really glad that I have him because if you had asked me when I was 17, 18 years old if I wanted kids, I would have told you that I wanted to wait until I was 30 years old to have children, and here I am 25 years old with an almost 2 year old.  It's just a blessing and I'm glad that God has really just blessed me with an amazing toddler and I'm excited to watch him grow and learn and explore.