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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Organizing Toddler Toys

Hello everyone and welcome back.  Have you ever had a hard time organizing toddler/children toys?  Have you ever wondered how come they have all these toys that you get them, but they only play with a few things or they play with things they are not supposed to have?  Have you ever said, "I wish I had a better way of organizing their toys so that I would stop picking up toys all over the place..or better yet, stop tripping over them?"  Well I have and I have finally come up with an organization system that has been working for my almost 2 year old toddler.  I don't pick up as many toys as I did before, and they all have a place.  Here are some pics of the way that I organize my toddler's toys.
This is in his bedroom.  He has all his big toys in his room, and they can all be seen so if he wants to play with any of them, he can, and then he can put them back.  Mostly what he plays with are  his cars, trains, and truck, his blocks, and his little gears toy at the bottom.

These are his other toys that are in his room that he doesn't play with as much.

This is in our living room.  He has his books, and random things at the bottom, and then on top he has his some of his learning toys.  There are his  rings, his cups, some of his blocks, his markers and paper that I oversee, and his things that he can put on his hands and hit things without hurting anyone.  Normally he just hits the couch or the floor or the door lol.

This is a dresser that wouldn't fit up our stairs.  We are using it as a tv stand and also for Liam's toys.  In the first three to the left, on the top is my stuff, the next one down are his outdoor toys, the next one down are games.  In the middle on top are his puzzles, the next one down are a little bit of his blocks, the next one down are plastic ware that he can play with.  Over to the right starting from the top are his stuffed animals, the next one down are random toys, and the last one are some more adult games.

He has done amazing with his toys since I put this organization system into place.  He knows when to put things back and where they go.  I pick up less toys each day, and it's just so nice to have a place for everything.  Now I do have a learning bag which I will do in another blog post.

Question of the day:
   -Do you have an organization in place for your children's toys?  If so what is it, and has it worked? Share your answers in the comments below :)