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Thursday, July 30, 2015

What I'm Currently Reading

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I know I have been gone for a long time, but if you read my update, you will know why. You may see a few things different, look it over...hope you like it as much as I do.  Without further ado...  let's jump right into the post...What am I currently reading?  :)

So this is the book I am currently reading.  It is such a good book so far and just love it.  So I'm going to just show you what it is about because it's really hard to put into my own words, then I will tell you my thoughts thus far:  

The Russian Concubine dazzled readers. Now, its gifted author delivers another sweeping historical novel.

Davinsky Labor Camp, Siberia, 1933: Only two things in this wretched place keep Sofia from giving up hope: the prospect of freedom, and the stories told by her friend and fellow prisoner Anna, of a charmed childhood in Petrograd, and her fervent girlhood love for a passionate revolutionary named Vasily.

After a perilous escape, Sofia endures months of desolation and hardship. But, clinging to a promise she made to Anna, she subsists on the belief that someday she will track down Vasily. In a remote village, she's nursed back to health by a Gypsy family, and there she finds more than refuge, she also finds Mikhail Pashin, who, her heart tells her, is Vasily in disguise. He's everything she has ever wanted but he belongs to Anna.

After coming this far, Sofia is tantalizingly close to freedom, family?even a future. All that stands in her way is the secret past that could endanger everything she has come to hold dear.


My thoughts thus far:

This book so far is amazing.  It's really taught me alot about how life was back then.  Labor camps were brutal and you had to work for your food.  If you didn't finish your work, you didn't get as much food as the others, or your food got rationed, to where you got less food everyday, to where one day, you may not get any. So far I have felt so humbled to live in the era that we live now.  We don't have to worry about almost starving to death, or eating bread crumbs off the floor.  These people in these labor camps, had to deal with that.  They had to deal with the harsh winters, and not having a lot of clothes on their backs.  They had to endure beatings or lashes when they were tired and felt like they could not go on any more, yet they still had to work until the people in charge(might I add, were not very nice) told them they were done for the day.  I was even reading in the first few chapters, that when it snowed really hard, they had to have a rope, and hang on that rope just to make sure they wouldn't get lost in the snow and die.  I mean WOW!!! That would be so scary, I am just so humbled by this book so far.  It's such a good book, and I can't wait to finish it.  There are about 471 pages, and there are 64 chapters.  Right now I am on chapter 15 so I have quite a lot left to go, but I am just so excited to read the rest of this, and learn the history about this book and what happens.

Question of the day/week:

What book are your currently reading?  Share in the comments below.