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Friday, July 24, 2015

Just an update on why I've been MIA

Hello everyone, so I'm just going to make this a quick post. I've been MIA as some of you who follow me have noticed. It's just been a very stressful, busy past few weeks. You know when you just feel like your head is spinning with so much stuff you know you have to do or get prepared for...yea that's how it's been for me lol. I am getting things ready for the vacation my husband and I are taking in 3 weeks, and getting things in order so Liam can stay with my family for that week, getting things ready for his 2 year old birthday party here at the end of August. I've been also studying for my license, and dealing with school...because I am in college finishing my masters degree in healthcare administration...and I have a year left, so I'm thinking about after I do all of that and get a job in that...I might want to go and get my nursing degree or become a pediatrician or a therapist that works with young that's all that thinking. On top I've been coming up with a new blogging schedule which is this so far: let me know if any of you think this is good. I will take mon-tues off cus those are the days I'm most busy with school and Liam's therapy, blog we'd-fri...and plan posts sat-sun.  I really like that and I feel I can really stick with that...I also want to change my blog background, get a new camera so I can start posting me singing or playing piano cus I know some of you have been asking about that and also I need new computer for school and blogging. So that is what I've been doing, thinking and of course working in my marriage cus it's been kind of rocky, and just being a mom cus I love it. So that's an update...I will be posting probably starting Wednesday on my new schedule but I wanted to update you all and let you all know what's going on. I'm trying guys lol...I'm 25, with a kid and married and it's hard at times. Especially cus I'm not working right now since I had to quit my job I had for almost a year because of some issues. Hope you all understand and thank you for all of you who have stayed with me even though I haven't blogged in awhile. I love you all and blog posts will be coming next week. Take care, have an amazing weekend and let me know how your summer has been.  I would love to hear about it๐Ÿ˜€