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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Importance Of "Me" Time,Taking care of yourself & 6 things I like to do in my "Me" Time

     * First of all, I do want to thank my husband for talking to me about this.  He just thought that even though I have done this topic before, that it would be a great reassurance and reminder to all the mothers out there, or pretty much anyone who doesn't take time for themselves. So let's get into it shall we? 
      *Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post.  Today we will be talking about the importance of having "Me" time.  I know I might have discussed this before but I want to talk about it again because I feel it's so important.  Having Me time doesn't mean just forgetting about others or your family or anything like that, it just means taking time to have alone time with just you.  It means doing something just for you that no one can take away. This could be reading, writing, going for a bike ride or waking up early and exercising; doing yoga or shopping LOL. 
    * Me time can be anything, it's just time that you spend with just you and no one else to make sure that you feel ok.  It's ok to help others and take care of others, but you have to remember that if you, yourself are not taken care of and happy, then everything in your life won't be either. So take care of yourself, and then take care of other's around you.  Now here's what I like to do when I have "Me" time.

-Write- writing soothes the soul and mind.  It makes you reflect on the days or weeks and helps you examine what has been going on in your life.
-Read-Reading takes you to another life, another town.  This also soothes you but it also lets you escape into someone else's world for a little bit and not think of your own.

-Be creative-I love to just sit down and sketch, draw or paint a picture. I have always loved art, any form, so this is just something that makes me happy.

-Listen to music-I love listening to music.  It's just one of those things that I feel is a world thing.  It can make anyone feel anything, and it's just amazing.
-Taking a walk/being in one with nature-I love nature.  I love walks and looking at all the beautiful things God has created. It can be so peaceful and reassuring to us that this world we live in, is actually really beautiful if we really look and take the time to take it all in.

-Reading my bible-I always get reassurance when I read my bible. I usually journal as well, but I just feel better when I read my bible and really pay attention to what God is telling me.

Question of the day:
   -What do you like to do in your "Me" Time?  Do you ever take a "Me" time break?  Share in the comments below and have a great day :)

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