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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pain-your deepest, darkest, Soul Finder, Truth Seeker, Soul Seeker, Truth Finder, Soul Destroyer, Soul Releaser.

Pain- your deepest, darkest, soul finder, soul seeker, truth finder, soul destroyer, soul releaser.

I often wonder what it would be like to never be sick.  I often wonder what it would be like to never feel pain.  Pain is something that I can deal with up to a point.  I think life without pain would be ok for some things and not ok for other things.  Pain  can sometimes not be understood or even explained.  It can not be in a box with pretty flowers and beautiful bright colors because it's not really that great of a thing to go through.  There are so many different types of pain, that in a sense I feel it's like a human race.  Humans are all sorts of beautiful shapes and colors.  Humans are all sorts of wonderful emotions...some good, some bad, some hard, and some indifferent and unexplainable.  I am right now in pain, but not emotional pain even though there are times when I feel like I should be in emotional pain.  I am in physical pain, and it is not something that I can hide and run from; even though I wish I could because that would be the greatest escape of all.  Right now I'm listening to music and being in pain is just calming to a sense, where I can put my focus on something other than why I'm in pain.  How can pain or the feeling of hurt make you feel calm and at peace?  I ask myself now as I'm listening to very calming music. However I think that distractions are another way of escaping what we are really feeling.  Don't you wish that there could be a way to disappear and make our pain just fade away; I mean not disappear forever or even all the time, just those times when we feel like the pain will never go away?  As I'm sitting here writing this blog post, I'm wondering to myself, can pain change people?  Can  pain make people think about the unexplainable?  Can pain make people feel uncertain about who they are?  Coming from the most over thinkable person that there is in life, I can't even answer these could be because I'm over-thinking this "pain" word or it could be because I'm really focused on this blog post, or it could be because I'm just rambleing on about something that is such a strong and meaningful word.  You know feeling lightheaded and uneasy about sharing my thoughts is the weirdest feeling ever.   I think it's pain that demands to be felt, dealt with, thought about, and then...



Questions to answer and think about:

Have any of you ever felt uneasy about something that you have shared to someone?  Have any of you ever felt weird about really taking a relationship to the next level and talking about your deepest darkest secrets, including all the pain that you have had or already have deep down inside your soul?  Please share, I would love to hear how you guys interpret this thing we call "pain."

Thanks for reading