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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Stress About The Mess

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  Today we are going to "not stress about the mess."  Really funny huh considering that most of us probably do not like messes...I mean who likes to live in a dirty place anyway?  Not me lol...but sometimes it's ok to just leave it alone for lets say a couple of hours. I'm not saying never clean your home because that would just be unsanitary and things can happen from a home that is never ever cleaned.  Right now as I'm writing this blog post, I'm surrounded by some toys and things that my toddler got out to play with and to tell you the truth...I'm ok.  I'm still alive and breathing and listening to my 18 month old who is supposed to be taking a nap but I hear him in there playing lol.  I have to tell you that it's ok to not clean up right away when your child or husband or whoever has made a mess.  My mother always said that "a house that is not always spotless is a house that is lived in."  And it's true..when you go online or watch these shows where the family's house is always clean like to make you think that no children live there, even though they said they have like wow.  So...don't stress about the will get cleaned up don't worry...go do what you were going to do...whether that was write a blog post, go to your child's sports event, or whatever you were about to do, go do that, and when you return you can get your house cleaned up.  You are not going to die if it's not clean this very are not going to have a bad fortune or whatever if it is not cleaned up this very second...and to be honest...if you have a husband or a boyfriend they would probably not want to help you clean anyways so what's the rush, I mean for real, what guy likes to clean...not many that I know.  Just remember that your cleaning will get done because we all need to have a semi clean home especially if you have children, but that if you don't get up right this very second and will be ok...I promise.

Have a lovely day :)


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