Bible Study Playlist

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

music is the voice of the spirit, the heart of the soul

Music is so powerful.  Have you ever heard a song that you really loved?  The instant you started listening to it, it took you to another place, it entered your mind and took control, but it was ok because you felt so in tuned with the song...well that is how powerful music is.  I've had that happen many times, and I'm telling you, it's amazing that music can do that.  Music has been around for so long; ancient countries, cultures; everyone has used some form of music, whether that was instruments, singing, telling stories with songs, whatever it was. I love music for that very's a never ending voice...but it's not an annoying voice that you want to leave and never come back, it's a voice that everyone wants to listen to over and over again.  I have music for many things I do...I listen to classical, jazz, instrumental, or coffee music when I'm blogging, writing or reading.  I listen to upbeat music when I'm cleaning or want to dance and just become happier.  I listen to calming, spiritual music when I do yoga. It can make you feel things that you don't want to feel, and things that you want to feel.It can capture your inner- most feelings that no one likes to tap into. It can solve many things, but it doesn't leave unless you stop listening to it. Music is part of my self-awareness/self-reflection journey.

Music is the voice of the soul.  It speaks, we listen, and our emotions overflow.

My question for you today...
   What does music mean to you? In what ways is music incorporated in your life?