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Friday, June 10, 2016

Let my heart overflow with God's blessings

We all want to feel good about life...but for a couple of weeks, I've been feeling lost and confused.  I'd like to say this blog is all about feeling ok and refreshed, but this blog isn't called "it is well...with my soul" because things are always sunshine and butterflies.  Sometimes things are rainstorms and disastrous tornados lol  But those disastrous tornados are what humble me to say that I'm always learning and proud to be learning from our father in heaven.  I'm not perfect, nor was I made to be perfect...I was made to learn and let my heart overflow with the blessings the lord has been given to me and shown.  Even when I don't understand things, even when things are as stressful as possible, I atleast know that my father in heaven is there, with his arms out, holding me and never letting go. Lord, I let my heart overflow with your blessings, and I ask that you humble my heart and let me see the sun through the storm.