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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Want some advice on where to take this blog and if I should

Hi today is just going to be a chit chat blog because I have some things I want to talk about.  I've had a few thoughts about where I wanted this blog to go and whether I wanted to try and expand it into some other areas.  One of my ideas is a book.  This book would be my blog in a book form.  It would talk about tips and ways to help you become a better you and live a life you enjoy that you have created. I would have my ideas in there and more.  

Option 1: book
Living a life you created and love

       -So this would be the cover of my book.  I really like it and this is what I'm thinking about.  Obviously, my journey this year has made a huge impact on my life so far and this book would talk about it.  I'm not sure if it would be a self-help book but I guess you can say it like that.  I wanted to know what you all thought about this idea.

Option 2: podcast or youtube channel

      -My other idea would be to see if I could start a youtube channel about the things I talk about on my blog or do like a podcast, which I've never done but it would be something new and exciting.

So I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has read my blog or anyone who checks it out....let me know what you think about any of these ideas or any ideas on how to expand this blog.  Also, let me know if any of you like this blog and if it is helpful at all. I love this blog and I have more content coming soon.  Have a great day :)