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Monday, June 20, 2016

My 5 secrets to a great morning

So we have all had those days where we wake up and we are like "uggg." Ok well, I will share 5 secrets that have helped me have an amazing morning. Here we go....

1) wake up with a positive attitude.
         -We have all heard that a negative mind brings a negative attitude, and a positive mind brings a positive attitude.  Well, that is so true my friends.  If you try and wake up each day thinking something positive, your morning will be happier and more calming then if you started off arguing with your spouse or friend or significant other, or you just were in a bad mood.

2) Shower
       -So this one is obvious, but if you shower in the morning, it wakes you up, you feel refreshed and ready for the day, which makes for a great start to the morning.  I mean who doesn't like to feel clean and smell good?

3) Remember that each day is a new day for a new adventure
        -So whether you are a stay at home mom, or a student working all the time, just remember that every day is a new day.  And most likely, there will be some sort of adventure or something you will like from that day, whether that is playing with your kids, putting on your make-up so you feel pretty, putting on that nice outfit you just bought, or as simple as getting to see a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while.  Whatever it is, each day is new day with a new adventure to celebrate.

4) Have a healthy breakfast
       -Always eat your breakfast; great start to a day.

5) Do something you love
      -Sometimes you don't get time to do things you love, so take a morning when you don't have to rush around, and do something just for you, whether that is a form of exercise, writing, reading, listening to music or podcasts, (which is my favorite to do in the morning), watching a tv show; whatever it is, do it in the morning for you.

Question of the day:

    What are your secrets to a great morning?