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Thursday, January 14, 2016

January: New Year-Better You Month Series: Understanding your mind, soul and body

Hello everyone.  Today's topic is understanding your mind, soul and body. Your mind is what you use's part of your brain, and even when you don't want to use it, it is still being used in someway.  As you all know, emotions can affect our everyday lives.  If you wake up with a negative mindset, then your day will become negative, and your negativeness will rub off on other people and the cycle keeps going.  Have you ever meditated before or even went to a meditation class?  Well if you have, then you know that they talk alot about your mind, soul and body and how they are one.  You are your own person, but you choose your own path of life, happiness and daily living.  Meditation is an awesome thing to start doing.  It's a way for you to go deep inside your mind and just think about your day or your week or what type of year you want to have.  A great way to do this, is to put on some meditation music, or soft nature music, and just sit there on your couch, floor or wherever, close your eyes and just relax.  You will soon feel like things are going to be ok because you are relaxing your mind, soul and your body.  Your body will feel like it can finally breathe, because you are letting yourself just think and feel at peace.  When you start to understand your mind, then your soul is rejuvenated and your body is in the process of healing and feeling better.  That is why they all go together.  Sometimes all it takes is for you to just sit still for a few minutes, breathe and let your whole body relax, let your mind wonder, and let your soul be searched.  By doing this, you can often find solutions to any problems or concerns you may be facing, or you may even find healing and understanding of who you are and who you want to become.  So do some yoga, take up dance, exercise, meditate, do whatever you can do to make sure you are aware of how important your mind, soul and body are to your overall health. Remember, when you start to understand how your mind works, then you can start to rejuvenate your soul and let it be searched, and your body can start to heal, relax and become at peace.