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Thursday, January 7, 2016

January: New Year-Better You Month Series: 6 Benefits of Yoga

Hello everyone and welcome back to the January: New Year-Better You Month Series.  Today we will be talking about yoga.

Yoga is an exercise that I have been getting into recently.  I find that when I am stressed, or need a good, yet relaxing and calming exercise, yoga can really help lift up my mood and get the adrenaline pumping back into .  Here are 6 benefits of yoga that you may have not known.

6 Benefits to Yoga

1) Yoga can boost your immunity.

        - By doing yoga you can have a better immunity system.  For all of us who have really crappy ones, this is an exercise that you can try.  It keeps you from getting colds, or it can help you get over a cold a lot sooner.

2) Eases Migraines

        -Just like any type of exercise, just taking time to do some yoga in the form of an exerise or meditation can really ease your migraines.  It can take your mind off of the pain and put you into a mindset that is more peaceful and calming.

3) Boost Sexual Performance

       -Yoga is great if you want to become for flexible for that pleasurable time with your significant other.  Who knows they may be surprised as to what you can do and new positions that you can now try.  And then if they comment, you can say, well I've been doing some yoga :)

4)  Lowers weight

        -Yoga builds lean muscle, which improves metabolism which in turn will burn calories because of the poses you are doing.
        -If you eat healthier and more wholesome foods, you will start to see the pounds come off in a shorter time.

5)  Better Health

      -Helps prevent many of the common health issues, like osteoporosis, which studies have shown that yoga not only prevents it if you don't have it, but can also stop it if you already do have it, it can help people who have cancer, when they have to go through chemotherapy,  and all sorts of health issues.  So do some yoga :)

6) Improves Outlook on Life

       -Overall yoga can and will improve your outlook on life.  You will be able to do poses that you never thought you could do before, which will give you the confidence to try anything new, and you will see your body change, by getting stronger, more flexible, lower weight if that is your issue and more muscle.

So over all, yoga is great for your mind, soul and body and will help you just improve your entire health.  Go ahead and try doing some yoga and see how you feel afterwords.  :)

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