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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hello everyone and welcome to another year of blogging! I can't believe it's the year 2016 but it is and this year on my blog I would like to start something a little bit different. I'm going to try something out which will be: each month will be a different topic and the whole month will deal within that topic. This month is of course January so it's going to be JANUARY: NEW YEAR: BETTER YOU. All the posts of January will deal with ways to improve yourself including your mind, soul and body, because they are all in one and they go hand in hand.  So here is the first post; I hope you like it.

6  Helpful Tips that can help to relieve stress:

      1) Drink Tea

            -Tea is amazing.  It's great when you need to calm yourself, or you just need to be warm.  Now I personally love hot tea when I need to destress, but you can have cold tea as well.  
      2) Exercise
             -We all know that exercise is great for destressing.  It gives you endorphins, which help stimulate the brain, forcing you to focus on the exercise activity instead of whatever you were stressing about. It's basically meditation in motion.  Some people love to run, some do yoga like me, some do other exercises, but all exercises can help relieve stress.
     3) Read
            -Reading is great for relieving stress. I love to read, because I can get into a book that I love and get to know the characters and the background, and soon enough, I have forgotten why I was stressed in the first place.
     4) Take a bath or a shower
     5) Journal or write things down
             -I love doing this.  It really helps to get you to focus on why you are so stressed out, whether it be from bills, or work life or whatever.  It clears out your head and lets you just brain dump so to speak.
     6) Music

Hope you all loved the tips and found them useful.  Let me know in the comments if you do any of these currently,have your own stress reliever tips or which one(s) are your favorite. :)