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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Goals

So here we are at another year.  I'm going to share my 2016 goals...because I like that word better than resolutions, but before I do, I want to just talk to you guys about some things that are going to start happening.  So let's jump into it shall we?

*Obviously you can see that I am back on blogger.  I like blogger better, I do still have my wordpress blog just incase I want to go back to it, but for now, and for this year, I want to use blogger.  I started with blogger and I really liked it.  I only went to wordpress because I wanted to try it and see if I could do everything I wanted to do, and I ended up going back to blogger anyway.  Now I know that a lot of people are like...blogger is horrible, it's not for if you want to be successful, but I just like it way better so here I am.

*Now since I have switched back, I have also updated this blog so that all my posts from the other blog are on here now. 
*There is an about page...that talks about how the site will be going this year and also how I came up with it, so be sure to check it out.
*This year I really want to make this blog more of an inspirational blog.  Now I am a mother and a wife but I've realized that inspiration is amazing. As mother and wives, sometimes we feel just horrible...or sad or just not inspired.  When I see an inspirational quote, verse, blog anything, I just feel so much better, and that's what I want this blog to feel like as we venture into this year. I want you all to be inspired, feel at peace and to know that this world isn't all bad.  We all need a little inspiration now and again.  So now that I have told you what my plan is for this year, let's get into my goals for this year.

So I don't normally do this, but as we all know, each year we all try to make New Year Resolutions and we don't always keep them.  But for me, I like to set goals, because I can set them and work towards them all year.  So here they are:
My 2016 GOALS:
1. Wake up earlier than I normally do.
-Normally I wake up when my son wakes up, which is around 11am-noon. But I really want to try and wake up earlier.  One way that I have done this is by getting my alarm, typing in a morning message: mine says Rise and Shine :) and getting up to soft music.  I feel that by doing that, it will help me when it comes to waking up.  I currently have my alarm set for 8:30 am which I'm hoping will work well this year.
2.   Do more Yoga/ a workout routine
-Lately I've been waking up in the morning, brushing my teeth, and doing some yoga.  Yoga is very relaxing, it's good for your body and it's just a great way to wake up in the morning and start your day. If you don't like yoga, then just do a simple work out routine.  My yoga routine is usually about 10 minutes, in the morning that way I can relax and enjoy my morning before my son wakes up.
3.   Read more
- I love to read and I've missed it. So this year, my goal is to read more.  Whether that is fictional, non fictional, etc...just read more.  Again reading is relaxing and it just puts you in a different mood every time.
4.  Read and study my bible more.
-I just bought this journaling bible and I love it.  But one of my goals is to actually use my bible this year, and dig deep into God's word.  One way I have been doing this is by doing it before I go to bed.  I can put my son to bed, get a cup of tea and just relax with my journaling bible and pens. Hopefully if I do this, then I will write some devotional posts up on this blog that goes along with what I was studying.
5.  Be in the moment and take time for only me
- I talk about this a lot on my blog, but I really just want to work on being in the moment, not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow or next week, and just take time to get to know myself and be me. Alot of the time we worry about things, that sometimes are out of our control, so this year I want to just try and be in the moment and get to know myself better.
6.   And last...I want to focus on family and friends.

  -Family and friends are really important, and I don't want to neglect that part of my life.  So this year I really want to try and make more of an effort to talk to them more, spend time with them, encourage them, and just be the woman God wants me to be towards others.

So those are my goals for this year...that I will be working towards all year.  What are your goals?  Do you set New Year Resolutions or goals?  Share in the comments below.  Also let me know if you like the set up of this blog, since this is  the one I will be using for now on.  Have a great day :)