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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Books I'm reading for February and The Rainbowthon Reading Challenge February 7-14th

Hello everyone, so here are the books I'm planning on reading for February, and I'm also going to talk about a challenge that if you would like to participate, feel free.  Here we go....

The Rainbowthon 2.0 Challenge: February 7-14
This challenge is where you read the books of the rainbow.  So you can read 6 books for each of these colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Green, or you can pick 4 books that coordinate with one color like blue.  These books you try and read from February 7-14th.  This challenge was thought of by these youtubers:  

They started it last year on youtube, and it was very popular so they are doing it for 2016.  If you would like to participate, go right the comments below, let me know what books you will be reading for that week, and what color scheme, or colors you have chosen for your books. And if you don't get to those books for that week, it's ok, just read them for the month of February. :)

These are the books that I'm reading for this challenge.  I have chosen the colors orange and red because my books went with those colors.
Prairie Tale
By Melissa Gilbert

A Girl Like Me
By Ni-Ni Simone

Soul Stealer
By Martin Booth
The Elite
By Kiera Cass
2nd book in the trilogy