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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hey everyone...welcome back to It Is Well...With My Soul...February Book Month.  So today I'm going to show you my book table.  I have all my books on a table because I don't have a bookshelf that can hold all of my let's get into it.

So it's kind of blurry, I don't really have a great camera right now and I did everything I know what to do to try and make it not blurry but it didn't work...but here's how they go:

Back row left: Classic books, and my husband's books
Back row center: All of my Christian contemporary books
Back row right: All of my Christian books and bibles
Front row Left and Center: Contemporary books and Series
Front row right: audio books and smaller books

I also keep wipes and diapers, nail stuff, planner stuff and random extra stuff.  On the right...I keep bookmarks, tissues, and other random stuff.

So that is it for today's post.  Let me know in the comments, what you have on your bookshelf.