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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meditation and 5 Tips

As we talk about mental health, we need to also talk about some things that you can do to help you deal with everything that is going today we will be discussing meditation.

Meditation is something that I have been really into recently.  It's been helping me sort out my feelings and just be aware of whatever I'm feeling.  To me, meditation is quieting my mind, and being in the present moment.  Drown out all of the distractions, all of the thoughts that you may have, everything, and bring your mind to the center.  I am a Christian, but I  love meditation, ...because it's a way for me to quiet my mind and get my focus back on God and who I am as a person. however even if you are not a Christian, you can still meditate.  Often times we have so much on our minds, that we forget that if we just stop focusing on all the things that are making us go crazy, and we just sit still and breathe, then we can calm our body, our soul and mind and regain our focus and our peace.  One thing I truly believe and that I read was that:  "we don't get answers when our mind is busy, we get our answers when our mind is silent."  As humans, we need to have a balance and start to see that being still and quiet is a great thing.  It's great to just be by yourself and relax.  Meditation is great if you are dealing with anxiety or depression, because it shifts your focus from what is making you anxious or depressed, and calms your mind, soothes your soul and focuses your attention on your breathing and your inner self. So then you ask, ok Marvina, how do I meditate when I don't have time or when I don't know how?  Well here are some tips that I've just taken to help me explore this new experience and embrace it.

5 Tips:

1) Find a place, or create a place

            -Creating or finding a place in your home or room that you can kind of make your quiet area, is a great place to start.  Get a corner, and put a pillow or a chair, add some blankets, have some candles and quiet music and inspirational quotes, and use that as your meditation area.  That is what I've done, and I've added some really great inspirational DIY rocks and quotes, and I just sit, listen to the music, take myself out of the hectic life or world, and put myself in a calming, peaceful state of mind.  My focus is on myself and not on what others may think or are doing.

2) Get out in nature
             -Nature is great for meditation.  When we are out in nature, we are like one with  nature.  We see God's beauty around us, with the birds chirping or the waves crashing in the ocean, if you live in that type of area, or we see the beautiful yet cold snow.  Getting out in nature can really just make you feel at peace and make you feel grateful for living in a world with so many changing seasons, because that is what our lives are; changing seasons.

3) Pray
          -You can pray as your meditation.  "Praying is when you are talking to God, and meditation is when God is talking to you and you Listen" You have to be silent in order to hear what he wants you to hear.  He does not speak to you when you are bombarding him with noise and business.  In the bible, it says "be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10  The key phrase "BE STILL."

4) Stop and Be Silent
          -Just stop and be silent.  Easier said than done, right...but when we are silent, we are focusing on our inner being, and not thinking about all the things that are going on in life.  We are in the present moment...which is where we want to be.

5) Guided Meditation
           -Guided meditation is great if you are a beginner.  With guided meditation you can hear and focus on what the person is telling you to do, that way you don't feel like you are by yourself and overwhelmed.

Ok that is all for today's post.  Hope you all got something out of it :)

    -What are ways that you meditate?  Do you go for a walk, do yoga or exercise, listen to music, etc.  Share your tips and ways down below in the comments :)


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