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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Precious Moments = A Memory

Sometimes we just go through life without a single thought of what we were given.  We go to work and deal with work, we go home and do our normal house routines, and when we get a chance to relax, we don't really think much of it.  So many people have been telling me that I've only just started, that I need to wait until my 18 month old gets bigger because of all the things he will be doing and will be getting into, and maybe that is true...because again he's only 18 months old, he has a lot of learning and growing to do; but then I had something amazing happen yesterday, that just made me realize that all of that, can wait.

 Now you might say..."ok Marvina what is so amazing about your son taking a nap on your lap?"  Or you might say "my child used to always do that, why is this so special?" My son does not do this all that much, but yesterday he did, and it just made me realize how we sometimes don't appreciate the special moments in our lives, whether that is with our kids, our family, friends, or whatever.  So for today's blog, and the first blog post of this new blog, if you get nothing else out of this...get this, take time to appreciate the special moments, the precious moments, because you may not always get them, and they are not always guaranteed.

Question to answer:
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