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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Be a Living Expression of Love

 Hello everyone, I hope that you all are having a wonderful week. Since I have not blogged in about a few weeks because of being sick for 2 weeks, and then I just got back from vacation, I thought that I would share something that I heard yesterday, and hope that it inspires some of you.  


When I heard this, I was like "wow," very powerful. This just really spoke to me because sometimes I do not look at life through love.  I sometimes do not feel loved, nor do I know how to love someone else or even see the love in the world. So sometimes this is a struggle for me, as it is for others, I'm sure; but we can do this. We are already living expressions of love, we just don't always choose to express the love that we have within us.  We normally hide it or tuck it away in a safe place that way we do not get hurt or so we don't have to show people that we can love them. What we want to do is choose love over fear, and get into our minds where we are able to give and share love with the world through our actions or with our words. We do this by shifting our perception.  What does this mean?  It means: 


"when you put love first, you are choosing to see the world through the eyes of love. You start to focus more on the positive side of life, you start to see the hope that life has for you and others, and you start to see the good in people instead of just the negative aspects of them. When you put love first, you start to open your eyes to possibilities that are around you, and start to notice love everywhere around you. Expressing love is the other aspect of this and this can be in many forms like caring for others, being kind and generous, forgiving yourself and others and more.  It's also accepting yourself and accepting others and doing things that you love like singing, acting, writing or whatever makes you happy. It's knowing that you are worth so much more than others may think, and it's knowing that you do not need other's opinions or acceptance in order to make your life as beautiful as you want.  You do not need their acceptance in seeing the world differently than the way they may see it, because you are your own person." 

This world needs more love, and it starts with one person (YOU) can help show this world what love really means and how just changing the way you see life, can really change your life, your perception, your perspective, and soon others will notice this as well, and maybe follow suit.  So be a LIVING EXPRESSION OF LOVE and you will make your world and the world of others a much more beautiful place.  That's all for today, thank you for reading and I hope this inspired some of you, even just one person, to really see the love around you, see the love in others and just practice being a living expression of love for others and yourself. You just might surprise yourself on how beautiful this world really is. 


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