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Saturday, May 21, 2016

3 ways to Exhale the negative and Inhale the positive

Being positive is so hard at times.  You get a bad grade, your car won't start, you forget something you need for work or school, etc...things just are not looking up for you...and all that negativity just drains into your entire day.  How do you pick yourself up from that? Today I'm going to give you three ways/tips on how you can exhale the negative and inhale the positive.

Tip # 1: Write or say one thing you are grateful for that day.
                  -This can be something as simple as...I'm grateful to be alive, or I'm grateful my hair looks good.  Something that will make you feel better about your day...even if the rest of the day goes horrible for can remember what you were grateful for.

Tip # 2: Smile/laugh
                 -This might sound weird to some of you but if you smile or laugh at least once in your day, your day will go so much better.  Smiling and laughing help to make you happy and also helps you forget about the bad things that have or has happened in your day and lets you smile or laugh to bring in the positive outlook on life.

Tip # 3: Music
                 -Music makes you really can bring your mood from 0 which is bad to 10 which is amazing.  You just need to put on your favorite dance music, party music or music that gets you happy and prepared for your day, listen to it and just enjoy.  You don't need to let things ruin your day...find something in your day that makes you happy, and enjoy it.  Music gets you in the positive mood and helps you forget about the negativeness that is in your least for a few hours anyway.


     -What tips do you use to stay positive?