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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Feeling Healthy Inside and Out, Feeling Happy, Feeling Beautiful

Feeling healthy doesn’t just mean looking good on the outside, but also feeling good on the inside.  When you look at people, and they look healthy, you should ask if they feel healthy on the inside.  Feeling healthy is one of those things that we don’t really recognize, but we should.  Putting healthy things in our bodies like vegetables, fruits, water, good drinks, can really change the way we feel.  When we feel more energized, we feel like we can accomplish things and we not only look good on the outside from doing our normal exercises, but we also feel good on the inside.  With feeling healthy on the inside, we also feel happy.  We are filling our bodies with nourishing, healthy foods and drinks, which in return makes us feel happy about what we are doing and what we look like. And with this, we also feel beautiful.  Just like when we put makeup on or put on pretty clothes, we also feel beautiful because everything we have done has led up to how we feel.  Even if others don’t think we are beautiful, we know that we are and that’s what matters.  So fuel your bodies with amazing drinks and foods, feel happy from the inside out and in return the end result is that you will feel beautiful and that will show through.  Looking back, when I didn’t eat well, or try and fit some form of exercise in, or drink a healthy drink like green juice, or water, I didn’t feel good on the inside, which didn’t make me feel good on the outside.  But when I did strive to fuel my body with healthy nutrients, and all of that, not only did I feel healthy on the inside, but I felt healthy on the outside, and therefore I felt happy because I felt good, and in return, I felt beautiful with who I am and more confident.


Nourishing your body with healthy nutrients = makes you feel happy, which in return = makes you feel beautiful.

Hope this gave you some encouragement and some food for thought :) 

Question for thought:

How do you feel healthy, happy and beautiful?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My 5 tips on dealing with stress

So I'm trying something different and instead of just writing a whole post, I'm going to try a video.  This video will be all about my 5 tips on dealing with stress.  I'm just going to list the 5 tips, and you can listen to the video and know more.

1) Understand why you are stressed.

2) disconnect from whatever is making you stressed out.

3) Meditate or do yoga.

4) Have some (Me) time.

5) Spend time with friends and family.

So I hope this what a little bit different for you and that the tips helped you.

In the comments below share what ways you deal with stress.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Find you when I'm on my knees

I haven't written in a while and I'm sorry for that.  I've been going through some hard times, within myself and other things.  There were times when I felt like I could not go on.  My mind was troubled, my mind was filled with doubt, pain, regret...but no peace.  I longed for peace, but could not find it.  It wasn't until today that I tried to really do something for myself that was good.  I did yoga while listening to worship music.  It was very peaceful and calming.  It reminded me of a scripture that I keep going back to...Psalm 34:14 which says "seek peace and pursue it." I know for a lot of people, the bible or Christianity doesn't mean much, but for me, it is comfort.  It reminds me that God is still with me even if I stray or lose him. When we seek peace, and we get down on our knees and pray for guidance, comfort, strength and love...he lends his arms out and he is there. Sometimes we feel that he leaves us to fend for ourselves, but really he doesn't.  I think that he likes to test our faith and trust in him, to see if we will follow him and put our full trust in him. So if I could share anything with you, and myself today, it would be to seek peace if you need it, and pursue it.  Don't forget that God is there right beside you if you need him.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4 favorites: Tips on taking a bad day to a good day

 Sometimes we have days where we feel like we are in a funk or we feel like life is just going to never be ok.  Well, I’ve got some tips that I use on my days to help me become happier and forget the bad things that have happened previously.  So let’s jump into it.

   1)  Get up and get dressed-I know when you are not feeling your best, you just want to stay in your pajamas and watch Netflix or something.  But one way that helps me get out of a bad mood or a bad day is to put on some clothes I feel good in and get up.

   2)   Put on some music-Music helps cure bad moods.  Put on some music that makes you want to dance, and get dancing.  It will make you happy and put your bad day vibes to rest.  Good vibes come in, bad vibes be gone J

   3)   Go on some sort of a retreat-These are probably my favorite things to do when I’m not feeling myself, or my day has just been bad; I plan a retreat.  I figure out what I want to do, whether that is to go out into nature and take photos, go to a museum with a friend, take my kid to the park and spend the day and then afterwards have a picnic…Or whatever you want to do, plan a day for yourself and enjoy that day.  Even if that means taking a personal day or a sick day from work, do it and let the bad day be gone and the good day swoop in and take over.

   4)   Get creative-get your markers out, or all your creative things and make something.  It can feel really good to just color or cut up paper or paint.  Just let your creativity shine through, even if you are not that good…let your mind be a kid again and enjoy it.  Put on some music and have a creativity session…maybe even invite some friends and family and make it a party.
These are just some of the things I do to get out of my bad moods.

Question of the day

What are some ways you get out of a bad mood?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

music is the voice of the spirit, the heart of the soul

Music is so powerful.  Have you ever heard a song that you really loved?  The instant you started listening to it, it took you to another place, it entered your mind and took control, but it was ok because you felt so in tuned with the song...well that is how powerful music is.  I've had that happen many times, and I'm telling you, it's amazing that music can do that.  Music has been around for so long; ancient countries, cultures; everyone has used some form of music, whether that was instruments, singing, telling stories with songs, whatever it was. I love music for that very's a never ending voice...but it's not an annoying voice that you want to leave and never come back, it's a voice that everyone wants to listen to over and over again.  I have music for many things I do...I listen to classical, jazz, instrumental, or coffee music when I'm blogging, writing or reading.  I listen to upbeat music when I'm cleaning or want to dance and just become happier.  I listen to calming, spiritual music when I do yoga. It can make you feel things that you don't want to feel, and things that you want to feel.It can capture your inner- most feelings that no one likes to tap into. It can solve many things, but it doesn't leave unless you stop listening to it. Music is part of my self-awareness/self-reflection journey.

Music is the voice of the soul.  It speaks, we listen, and our emotions overflow.

My question for you today...
   What does music mean to you? In what ways is music incorporated in your life?

Monday, June 20, 2016

My 5 secrets to a great morning

So we have all had those days where we wake up and we are like "uggg." Ok well, I will share 5 secrets that have helped me have an amazing morning. Here we go....

1) wake up with a positive attitude.
         -We have all heard that a negative mind brings a negative attitude, and a positive mind brings a positive attitude.  Well, that is so true my friends.  If you try and wake up each day thinking something positive, your morning will be happier and more calming then if you started off arguing with your spouse or friend or significant other, or you just were in a bad mood.

2) Shower
       -So this one is obvious, but if you shower in the morning, it wakes you up, you feel refreshed and ready for the day, which makes for a great start to the morning.  I mean who doesn't like to feel clean and smell good?

3) Remember that each day is a new day for a new adventure
        -So whether you are a stay at home mom, or a student working all the time, just remember that every day is a new day.  And most likely, there will be some sort of adventure or something you will like from that day, whether that is playing with your kids, putting on your make-up so you feel pretty, putting on that nice outfit you just bought, or as simple as getting to see a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while.  Whatever it is, each day is new day with a new adventure to celebrate.

4) Have a healthy breakfast
       -Always eat your breakfast; great start to a day.

5) Do something you love
      -Sometimes you don't get time to do things you love, so take a morning when you don't have to rush around, and do something just for you, whether that is a form of exercise, writing, reading, listening to music or podcasts, (which is my favorite to do in the morning), watching a tv show; whatever it is, do it in the morning for you.

Question of the day:

    What are your secrets to a great morning? 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Seeing Grace and love Through the Pain

So I haven't blogged in a few days and it's been even harder to find inspiration with everything that has been happening in our world lately.  I haven't let myself cry over this whole situation and I think that it has really hurt me in more ways than I thought.  You know we are so consumed in our jobs and social media that we don't stop to think about what our world is going through on a day to day basis. We are all children of God and whatever our nationality is or race or whatever, God loves us all the same.  There's a scripture in Romans 12:15 which says that "We rejoice with those who rejoice and we mourn with those who mourn." It's really sad, and it breaks my heart to know that people have to deal with this all of the time, and our world is just losing the love that God had intended for this world.  He didn't intend for his people to destroy lives and to hate, he wants his people to love another.  But I wanted to write this post because I feel that sometimes we lose the grace and love that this world really needs.  God's grace is more amazing than you could ever imagine and his love is just as powerful if not more powerful.  When we learn to see grace and love through all the pain and tragedy that keeps happening, we start to feel the love of God and who he is and what he stands for.  God will fight our battles for us, and we don't have to be afraid anymore. So to end this post, I just want to pray for everyone who feels that they can not see the grace and feel the love of God right now.
Lord, I ask that you just be with those whose lives were lost this past weekend.  I pray that you be with their families as they are going through this pain that we just can not imagine.  Lord, I know that you love them no matter who they are and I ask that you show them grace and love through all of this pain that they are all feeling.  Lord be with the rest of the world, as we go throughout our days and remember that sometimes bad things happen, but you alone are the one who fights those battles for us.  Lord be their strength, and comfort in this time period and never let them go. In your name, I pray AMEN.

If you so choose to, please add your prayer request or prayer below.  God loves everyone and he hears our prayers even if we feel he doesn't. I will definitely pray for you and whatever your prayer request is even if it's unknown. Yes, something needs to be done, but that is not up to us, that is up to the ones who are in the power and up to God who has the final say in how this world ends.  Without God, this world would be chaos and I feel that's exactly what is happening. This blog post as with many others I have written is friendly, not hate...and if you don't agree with what I have said, you are free to comment that but please do it in a respectful way for i will delete comments that are hateful.